There will be no waltz, samba or quick step this year for Misty May-Treanor.

The beach volleyball star has been hoping to get an invite back to "Dancing With the Stars" ever since her 2008 run on the show ended when she ruptured her Achilles tendon while rehearsing.

When she learned there was an all-star show in the works, she expressed her desire for one of the slots on Facebook and elsewhere. But when the roster was announced earlier this week, her name wasn't there.

"It would have been great," she says, "but if they don't want me that's fine."

Treanor-May has plenty to keep her mind off the disappointment. She and partner Kerri Walsh Jennings won their first match Saturday night in what May-Treanor says will be her final professional tournament.

— Jenna Fryer — Twitter


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