And now for something completely different.

It was bound to happen in the land of Monty Python and Mr. Bean: We've just had our first slapstick comedy-related mishap of the London Games.

The beach volleyball venue at Horse Guards Parade has been playing the "Benny Hill" theme over the loudspeaker while the raking crew smooths out the sand during timeouts. That inspired a couple of fans to mimic the show — in short, to start running around the concourse between the upper and lower sections, chasing and being chased by a pair of blondes in skirts.

The crowd loved it, and the P.A. announcer also egged them on, until one of the blokes ran smack-dab into an Olympic volunteer.

The crowd gasped.

The two quickly hugged it off and went back to their respective duties: She resumed directing fans to their seats and he headed for the beer concession.

The volunteer, who declined to give her name, said she was uninjured. The fan, who said to identify him and his mate as "The Murray Brothers," seemed more concerned about spilling some of his beer.

The Associated Press has learned exclusively that it was not his first of the day.

So, no crisis here. Until a giant cartoon foot comes out of the sky and stomps out the venue, that is.

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