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2-time Olympic high jumper paralyzed after backflip mishap

Two-time Olympic high jumper Jamie Nieto is steadily regaining sensation after a backflip gone wrong during a training session left him paralyzed.

Nieto recently posted a video to let his fans and friends know he's starting to "move more stuff and breathing better." In the more than three-minute video from his hospital bed, Nieto, who was already retired from competition, said his plan is to document his recovery until he's "100 percent better with no complications."

The 39-year Nieto was coaching in Los Angeles last week when he attempted a backflip — his signature move while competing — and didn't complete the rotation, landing on his head. Nieto was rushed to the hospital with numbness throughout his body and an inability to move his arms and legs. He also struggled to breathe.

He had surgery to fuse a disk in his neck and each day he's regaining strength.

Carlos Nuzman, Spyros Capralos

Rio mayor wants Olympic cauldron near revitalized port area

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Mayor Eduardo Paes says he wants the Olympic cauldron to burn in Rio de Janeiro's revitalized port area.

The cauldron will be lit at Maracana Stadium during the opening ceremony on Aug. 5, and will spend the night there before traveling to a permanent home.

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