AP Photo/Morry Gash

British long jumper Greg Rutherford was concerned enough about the Zika virus that he thought about having his sperm frozen before he left for Rio.

In the end, the defending Olympic champion didn't. 

The mosquito-borne virus has been linked to severe birth defects in infants born to infected women.

Rutherford has a young son, Milo. He possibly wants to have another _ hence his decision.

However, he said the news of him freezing his sperm was a little exaggerated and started after his partner, Susie Verrill, said he was thinking of it.

"It got so picked up and went all over the world," Rutherford said.

While in Brazil, he’s taking plenty of precautions for Zika.

“I'm covered in DEET," Rutherford explained of the active ingredient found in insect repellent. "I think I'm pretty safe, to be honest."