Bling is undoubtedly king when it comes to the leotards of the American gymnasts.

Don't believe it? Just wait until you see what the ladies are wearing in the team finals of the Rio Games on Tuesday.

"We're obsessed with all of our leos that we've got, and we're excited to show you guys," superstar Simone Biles said.

For the preliminaries, their red and navy leotards were bedecked with thousands of Swarovski crystals to form a sparkly sea of stars and stripes. Most teams have some sort of sparkle to their uniforms, but none had as many crystals or shined as bright under the lights of the podium as those of the Americans.

AP Photo Rebecca Blackwell

Biles scoffed when asked if those uniforms had the most crystals of any they have.

"There's more coming," she said flashing a coy smile. "It's all about the bling."

Their outfits twinkle so aggressively under the lights that some wonder if all that dazzle could be distracting. That drew a laugh from Gabby Douglas.

"We're used to it," she said. "I don't know if the crowd gets distracted, but we don't."

And for these ladies the bling doesn't stop with the leotards. They put glitter on their cheeks, eyelids and even used glitter-flecked eyeliner to add some drama to their looks. But lest you think these darlings of Rio are divas, please know that all five women do their hair and makeup themselves before every competition.

"Sometimes we'll have tips like: 'Does this look good, does this not look good,'" Biles said. "So we'll help each other out in that way. But we pretty much have it down."

There's one last bit of flair that Biles added for these games, but you'll have to look closely to notice this touch.

The 19-year-old has what she calls "Olympic nails," too. Four fingers on each hand are a twist on the basic French manicure, as she has replaced the normal white tips for ones with red, white and of course, blue glitter. But the ring finger on each hand is the star of the show, as glittering nail polish has been drawn to depict the American flag.