AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino
In Bhutan, success is measured by a different gauge: Gross National Happiness.
And given Karma's presence in archery, all indicators are trending up. Sure, the archer with just one name was eliminated in the first round of the women's tournament Tuesday at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. But she was still happy. 
And that's good for the economy.
See, the Kingdom of Bhutan has been tracking happiness for decades. The tiny Himalayan nation stopped tracking gross national product in 1972 and instead switched to measuring Gross National Happiness.
"I'm very happy," Karma said. "I'm happy because it's my first time in the Olympics and I got to experience it. I really enjoyed it."
With good reason: Karma carried the flag at the opening ceremony for a country that considers archery the national sport and said she got to meet the prince of Bhutan. She lost 7-3 to Tuiana Dashidorzhieva of Russia and really didn't even seem to mind.
"I'm happy," she said.