With both teams in the chase for a gold medal it won't happen in Rio. It has gotten the two players closer. 

"Being the type of person Brittney is, she's a great person to be around," Cousins said. "She's always the life of the party, or whatever the case may be. Her talking the way she does, doesn't surprise me at all."
DeMarcus Cousins celebrates basket against Argentina on Wednesday (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
Griner ceded that if they couldn't play 1-on-1 she wouldn't want to get into a dunk contest with the Sacramento Kings star. However she does a contest she'd come out the winner of. 
"Maybe we can do like 10 post-ups, five on each block guarding against each other. Fouls count as a point. He does like to foul. Maybe we could do something like that," she said laughing. 




"I'm glad she's that confident in her abilities, but it's also a little delusional." - DeMarcus Cousins https://t.co/I4Hq4AYdHW

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) August 17, 2016