AP Photo/Charlie Riedel
Don't blame 2-year-old M.J. Lowe for walking around telling everyone he's 3.
He's already had his birthday party. 
The son of U.S. high jumper Chaunte Lowe really turns 3 on Aug. 17, but the family threw a big birthday party before mom headed to Rio de Janeiro. 
All part of an adjust-on-the-fly kind of life the 32-year-old Lowe has undertaken since she became a mom.
She has three kids: There's M.J., 9-year-old Jasmine and 5-year-old Aurora, who started kindergarten this week. 

How does Lowe balance it all? 

``I wake up at 4:30 or 5 and try to get some training in before the kids get up,'' she said. ``I don't want to take hours away from them. I come home, send them off to school every single day, then go back at it.''
Lowe has the world-leading jump of 2.01 meters this year, recorded during Olympic trials last month. 
She hasn't finished higher than sixth in her previous three trips to the Olympics. She thinks No. 4 might be lucky.
``This is the first Olympic Games where I wouldn't either be a sophomore in colege or a mother nursing a 1-year-old,'' she said. ``I've put myself at the best advantage and I think it's really going to work out for me.''