Rugby is extremely important to Fiji.
For now, it's even bigger than cell phones.
Fiji's men rolled past Brazil 40-12 on Tuesday, an expected result. But if you happen to know any of the Fiji players, don't bother calling or texting to wish them luck in the rest of the Olympic tournament _ since they don't have their phones.
"We keep the boys tight," Fiji coach Ben Ryan said. "They've not got their phones. And because I knew they'd ask (Fiji's women's players) for their phones, the girls haven't got their phones for another three days."
It's a ploy Ryan is using with hopes of ensuring that a dominant team keeps its edge.
"We need pressure," Ryan said. "Island life is a nice, chilled and laid-back one so if we take things too easy the boys just drop off. We are embracing that pressure at the moment. The more the better. This is the strongest 12 I've ever had. There are absolutely no excuses not to perform."
They had a test later Tuesday, actually falling behind Argentina 14-7 before rallying for a 21-14 win.
"Honestly, hand on heart, I don't really care if we don’t win this tournament," Ryan said. "If we play to our very best and someone beats us we'll put our hands up and say 'That's rugby.'"