Italians are known for “sprezzatura,” a word that translates into English as “studied nonchalance” and is used to describe someone who can pull even the simplest of tasks with great style.

If nothing else, the delayed delivery of the Olympic golf bags belonging to the two Italians in the field has tested that notion. Per International Olympic Committee rules, logos are not allowed, forcing Matteo Manassero and Nino Bertasio to cover the sponsor names on their regular golf bags with wide strips of black tape.

(AP Photo / Doug Ferguson)

“It’s unfortunate. We are the only ones. It’s not that nice to look at on TV,” Manassero chuckled. “But all that matters is the clubs, the balls and us.”

As to when the Italians will be back in full “sprezzatura” mode, Manassero wasn’t sure.

“I just got off the course. “I haven’t spoke with FedEx.”