Dan From Nam isn’t done in Rio.

Namibian cyclist Dan Craven, a folk hero of sorts on social media, has decided to compete in the Olympic time trial Wednesday after injuries to other riders in last weekend’s road race opened a spot for him.

He isn’t particularly strong in the discipline. Nor does he have a time trial bike in Rio, since he was only planning to ride the road race. But after consulting 11,000-plus followers on Twitter, he decided to go for it.

Then he was handed the worst starting position: first out in a field of 37.

Craven has watched his Twitter following increase dramatically during the Olympics, the bearded rider offering his own cheeky perspective on the festivities. But it really took off when he appeared to be live-tweeting during the road race that began and ended at Copacabana Beach, sending zingers at his rivals and saying his beard had "magical powers."

It turns out that his girlfriend, Collyn Ahart, was behind the ruse.

Craven was among many riders who did not finish the race, but it apparently didn't get him down. He was back on his road bike to get a look at the time trial course on Tuesday, less than a day before the competition.