AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky

Simone Biles won't say she's the best women's gymnast ever.
Her competitors, however, will.
After Biles won the all-around gold medal Thursday, some of her rivals from Russia and Canada offered extremely high praise to the American superstar who added Olympic gold to her three consecutive world all-around titles.
"She's incredible," said Canada's Elisabeth Black, who finished fifth. "She is just unbelievable, an extraordinary athlete and person. She's going to continue to do well at these Olympics. She's definitely the best female gymnast who has ever been."
Russian bronze medalist Aliya Mustafina, who finished behind Biles and fellow American Aly Raisman in the all-around standings, conceded that she doesn't expect to ever beat Biles.
"It's very, very difficult," Mustafina said. "I think I will never be able to do that."
For her part, Biles said she felt a combination of excitement and relief when the gold was finally hers.
"When Aly started crying, I had to tell her to stop, because I knew I'd start crying. I had to focus. It means the world to me," Biles said. "I was thinking I've finally done it, and when that hits you, you can't stop the emotions. I was very proud."
Reaction from around the world quickly poured in on social media platforms.
Biles is now unquestionably a celebrity, but cringed at that description.
"I'm not a celebrity," she insisted. "I'm just Simone Biles, but it's amazing to be recognised for all of this success for myself and for Team USA. I'm not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I'm the first Simone Biles. To me, I'm just the same Simone. I just have two Olympic Gold medals now."