She made the prediction in 2011. 

A promising high school sprinter named Morolake Akinosun sent out a tweet:

"You plan it, you dream it, you do it,'' Akinosun told AP. "Since I sent it, I've seen a lot of five-year plans. A lot of people saying, `In 2021, I'll be doing this, this and this.'''

Akinosun was chosen to the USA relay pool. It's not even a sure thing she'll make it to the track when the baton starts circling more than a week from now. But she's been practicing with the team, passing the baton to people she used to watch on TV.

For all the worrying about Zika and doping and fears about Brazil that have enveloped these Olympics, Akinosun said she never hesitated about taking her spot on Team USA. 

And she proved an even bigger point. Sometimes you don't have to have a big name to make a splash at the Olympics _ sometimes, a big message will do just fine.

"I don't like to say it was a vision for me. It was a goal. It was a dream of mine,'' Akinosun said. "I put it out there and let everyone know, this was my plan with my life.''