AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky
A look at Team USA’s overwhelmingly dominant performance in women’s qualifying on Sunday. In qualifying, four athletes compete in each of the four events, with the three highest score on each event counting toward the team total. During the finals three athletes compete, with each score counting.
185.238 -- The team total for the U.S., the highest team qualifying score since the new Code of Points was introduced a decade ago.
9.959 -- the margin between the U.S. and second-place China.
7.441 -- the margin between China and Belgium, which was 12th out of 12 teams in qualifying.
5.829 -- The margin between the U.S. and China if the Americans swapped out their highest score on each event for the lowest.
11 -- number of routines in which the U.S. scored 15 or higher.
15 -- number of routines scored 15 or higher by the other 11 countries in qualifying combined.
4 -- number _ out of 4 events _ in which an American posted the highest score
59.098 -- the all-around total of the four lowest scores by the Americans. That total would have been good enough to finish fourth overall in the all-around qualifying.
As the public address announcer said in the arena prior to the beginning of the team final on Tuesday night: "The three favorites tonight are USA, USA and USA."
Almost showtime.