_ Rory McIlroy skipped the Rio de Janeiro Olympics because of the Zika virus. The four-time major champion said he would not be watching Olympic golf on television, but rather track and field, swimming and diving _ "the sports that matter."
I'll see what's on and grab a beer.
The diving's good from what I hear.
The water, though, is sickly green.
A Master's jacket? Bad chlorine?
Track gets me going. What a show!
I'm ready for the hammer throw,
The 20,000-meter walk,
These guys can move; they talk the talk.
The golf? For now, I've had enough.
I'll stick to the important stuff.
It doesn't matter how it goes _
Henrik Stenson or Justin Rose.
The course has wildlife on the prowl:
Sloths and caimans, burrowing owl.
And what's with Zika _ gone away?
Mosquitoes on a holiday?
But no regrets, what's done is done,
And synchro swimming's just begun.