AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda

After winning Puerto Rico's first Olympic medal in any sport by beating Angelique Kerber for gold in women's tennis, Monica Puig was asked who she has heard from about the victory.

"Unfortunately I haven’t checked my phone," she said about 30 minuts after the win. "That’s probably a good thing because there’s probably way too many messages for me to answer."

Here's a sampling:

From pop star Ricky Martin:


Translation: "Today, no doubt, my Puerto Rico is the happiest island. Thank you Monica!"

From Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea:


Translation: "Best time in the history of Puerto Rican sports"

From actress Rosie Perez:


The one person Puig REALLY wanted to hear from was her mother, but phone issues prevented the two from connecting before the medal ceremony. Just before she walked into the press conference, someone handed her a phone with her mother on the other end.

"I love you too, Mom!" Puig hollered. "I did it! Yes! Ok, now I have to go do a press conference."