AP Photo/John Locher

Olympic equestrian competitor Carl Hester of Britain says his teammate needs glasses.
His teammate is a horse.
Hester competed in the individual dressage competition Thursday, and said his horse _ Nip Tuck _ got spooked by a couple things going on around him, which led to a few mistakes.
And afterward, Hester's sense of humor was on full display.
"He is big, probably the biggest horse here but he has the heart of a mouse," Hester said. "He is good with noise but very visual. It was probably something ridiculous that spooked him. Like a flower moving in a pot. Maybe he needs glasses."
No comment from the horse on whether he'll be seeing any equine optometrist anytime soon. And Nip Tuck wasn't the only four-legged Olympian who couldn't defend himself, either.
After her ride Thursday, Irish equestrian rider Judy Reynolds said her horse _ Vancouver K _ might not be the smartest one around.
"He is nuts," Reynolds said. "His brains have always been the problem."