Bahrain's Andrew Fisher was disqualified in the men's 100-meter semifinal for a false start (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -- Andrew Fisher saw his chances at making the men's 100-meter final dashed when he false started in the semifinals Sunday night at Olympic Stadium. 

The sprinter representing Bahrain blamed a hovering helicopter. 
"We got set and all of a sudden I heard a chopper coming," he said. "At this stage, at this big meet, those things should not be in factor. You should have total silence, and you have a chopper fly in."
 Fisher said the helicopter approached as he was in the starting block and it distracted him. He knew instantly he was disqualified. He said it was the first false start of his international career. 
"I'm a good starter," he said. "It's like set, and then I heard the chopper and it got closer and I could hear it and it just threw me off. I'm very disappointed. I was ready."
Fisher said there was no sense in filing an appeal.