Ordinarily, Swedish equestrian rider Patrik Kittel would prefer to have some Stevie Wonder tunes as his musical accompaniment during competition. A superstition, some might say.
Not at the Olympics, much to his disappointment.
"They told me I don't have the rights to use that," Kittel said Monday after the dressage individual grand prix freestyle at the Rio Games. "When it comes to the Olympics they are looking into that quite deeply and I can live without a lawsuit from the Stevie Wonder company."
Kittel likes using upbeat songs when he performs, thinking that the audience can feel it all over.
So for once in his life, he listened to reason went with another song instead, which he hopes will keep Wonder's label from just calling to say they love him _ or anything else, for that matter.
Aboard his mare Deja, Kittel went with an older freestyle program that he hadn't used in about three years.
"I like to be different," Kittel said.
Incidentially, there's no word on whether Kittel called Wonder to ask for any Olympic help.