AP Photo/Karl-Heinz Kreifeltz

Watching Monica Puig's win on television in Connecticut, Gigi Fernandez was thrilled.
Thrilled for Puig.
Thrilled for Puerto Rico, too.
Fernandez, a Puerto Rican who won Olympic gold in doubles in 1992 and 1996 but did so while representing the United States, has dealt with plenty of social-media criticism in recent days as the wounds caused by her decision from a generation ago seemed to be reopened.
But after watching Puig's historic win _ the first-ever Olympic gold for Puerto Rico _ Fernandez said her only regret was not being in Rio to watch it live.
"Nothing about Monica winning has bothered me at all," Fernandez, a 17-time Grand Slam doubles winner who now coaches and is a mom to 7-year-old twins, said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "What bothered me was some of the things people were saying to me. For some reason people thought I wouldn't be happy for her. I'm wildly ecstatic. I cannot believe how well she played."
Fernandez has been under some social-media fire of late, stemming from how she decided to play doubles for the U.S. at Barcelona in 1992 and at Atlanta in 1996.
It's a decision that Fernandez insists wasn't easy, but was made simply because she wasn't even sure Puerto Rico could qualify for doubles _ her specialty _ and get into those Olympics.
"If I was destined to win a medal, it would have been in doubles and Puerto Rico did not have another player that I could have played with," she said. "I struggled with the decision. But now it's behind us."