Natasha Hastings has plenty of visions for success. Want to know all of them? Just look at her board.
The 400-meter runner assembled a collage of photos to help her on her journey through life. There are photos related to track _ the road to Rio figures prominently _ but it's way more than that.
"The whole Natasha picture, not just track," Hastings said.
In there are pictures about fashion, hair, and messages about her self-worth. In the middle of it all is a picture of tennis star Serena Williams.
That's her idol. The 29-year-old Hastings wants to have that sort of impact on her sport one day. She took a big step by advancing to the Olympic final Monday night.
"(Serena) has taken a lot of criticism over the years for her body, like myself, but I look at her and see a powerful woman whose body has allowed her to do tremendous things," Hastings said. "On top of being a great athlete, she's a great businesswoman as well. She's the all-around sports woman that I hope to one day be."
Known as the "Sprint Diva," Hastings is big in to fashion and style, playing around with different looks. She showed up at U.S. Olympic trials with a completely new hair style.

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

"I like the idea of re-creating myself," she explained. "I purposely went out of my way of not posting on social media _ just show up and be like, 'Hey guys, I'm here.' It's a form of expression."



So is her crystal necklace, which she typically wears when she competes. These days, she's sporting a smoky-colored quartz, which symbolizes a centering and removes negativity. Sometimes, she'll wear a rose-colored variety since that's all about passion.

"I switch them out according to what I need at the moment," Hastings said. "Sometimes, I'll even wear two."