German players celebrate after scoring a goal against Argentina. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

RIO DE JANEIRO -- The German men’s field hockey team doesn’t mind living dangerously.

Twice in their first four matches at the Olympics, the squad has earned a better result with a goal in the final seconds.

In Thursday's match, Mathias Muller’s goal on a penalty corner with eight seconds remaining salvaged a 4-4 tie against Argentina.

Muller said he was confident that the Germans could score the equalizer, especially after replacing their goalie with an outfield player.

"If we take the goalie out, then every time with three minutes to go there are a lot of possibilities to score goals," he said. "Therefore, we definitely believed in ourselves to have the opportunity to score one more goal."

On Monday, Germany’s Christopher Ruhr scored with three seconds remaining to give his squad a 2-1 victory over India.

The Germans, who are going for their third straight Olympic title, are 3-0-1 with 10 points in the pool. Without the late goals, they would be 2-1-1 with seven points.


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