(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The Brazilian Kiss Cam is muito mais sensual than the American version.

Known for being unashamed of their bodies or public displays of affection, fans at the Rio de Janeiro Games have turned the social video board game into make out and groping sessions at venues across Rio.

The Kiss Cam orginated in the United States as a way to keep fans entertained at sporting events. Cameras find two people sitting next to each other _ presumably a couple _ and they're encouraged to kiss, receiving cheers or boos depending on the outcome.

The Brazilian version is it bit more graphic, the kisses more passionate than pecking, the hands all over the body, not just the head.

A long, deep kiss or a breast grab lead to roars from the crowd. A simple kiss, often boos.

Well, sometimes they can get enough.

At a recent table tennis session, one couple began a deep kiss that started to veer into a, um, more inappropriate direction. The shot quickly turned to another couple as the arena announcer said: "Oh, you Brazilians!"