Eun Pyo Woo leans in to an Olympic volunteer to translate men's prone bronze medalist Kim Jonghyun's answers from Korean to Portuguese (AP Photo/John Marshall)

Eun Pyo Woo showed up to the Olympic Shooting Centre fully expecting to work with the broadcasting team, as he had every day of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

His plans changed when he found himself under the spotlights, sitting with three Olympic medalists in front of a room full of reporters.

"It was quite odd," Woo said. "I didn't come here expecting to translate."

Woo was called into action after South Korea's Kim Jonghyun earned bronze in men's 50-meter prone rifle.

Olympic media officials had no one to translate for Jonghyun in the post-match mixed zone and scrambled to find someone for the main news conference in the media center.

That's where Woo comes in.

After coming up short in the mixed zone, officials started asking around if anyone could translate from Korean to English.

Woo can speak English, though didn't feel comfortable translating directly into a microphone in a room full of people, so another person was added to the interpreting puzzle.

The sequence went like this:

Question from a reporter with a microphone, some in English, Portuguese and Korean.

Woo turns left, translates to Jonghyun in Korean.

Jonghyun responds in Korean. 

Woo translates from Korean to Portuguese to the volunteer sitting to his right.

The volunteer writes the answers down, translates into English through the microphone.

Each question-and-answer translation took several minutes and reporters added to Woo's uneasiness by asking Jonghyun more questions than either of the other two medalists. 

"I just translated from Korean to Portugeuse and he wrote it down," said Woo, who lives in Brazil. "It was a very interesting experience."