(AP Photo.Hassan Ammar)

Heads up Boomer Phelps, you may have company in the cutest kid in Rio contest.

Carter Harryman, the mop-haired son of American shooter Kim Rhode, was a big hit at the women's skeet final and could challenge Michael Phelps' son for cuteness supremacy.

Rhode brought Carter along with her for interviews after capturing a bronze medal that made her the first woman to earn a medal in six straight Olympics.

Rhode tried holding the rambunctious 3-year-old during television interviews in the mixed zone, but he became too squirmy and she put him down.

Carter made his way up and the interview line, playing with the metal barriers, even reporter's shoelaces as they interviewed mommy. Pats on his scruffy head came from everywhere, including skeet gold medalist Diana Bacosi of Italy on her way to interviews.

Carter made his exit from the interview area when Rhode's husband, Mike Harryman, scooped him up while she was doing an interview.

"Where did he go?" Rhode said, looking around. 

"Mike came and got him," someone told her.

"OK. He was running around here one minute and then he was gone," Rhode said. "He's all over the place."

Better watch out, Boomer. He might be coming after your title.