(AP Photo/John Marshall)

The venues near the beaches at the Rio Olympics get most of the atttention and rightfully so. Just look at those views.

Out west in the Deodoro cluster is a venue that may be the coolest of the Games: The Whitewater Stadium.

The site for whitewater canoe and kayak is eye-popping from the moment fans walk up the hill at get a view of the sprawling facility.

From eastern side, the venue fans out with the churning water of the single-canoe course cascading down to the left and a massive open pool to the right. Views of grassy hills are off in the distance to the west, favelas dotting the hills to the north.

Think of it as sort of an Olympic theme park with great views.

The locals loved the place so much they repeatedly entered the area despite fences put up around, just so they could hang by the water. Officials eventually took the fences down, allowing thousands of people to sunbathe and set up umbrellas along the shore in the months before the Olympics.

The Whitewater Stadium is one of the most technically-complex venues of the Rio Games, with roughly 900,000 gallons of water pouring through turns, drops and banks that recreates conditions on open whitewater.

The stadium is part of Deodoro's X Park, which includes BMX and mountain bike racing.