(AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)
Olympic shooting hinges upon controlling emotions. Get too high or low, controlling bodies or guns becomes next to impossible for shooters.
The Italians, known for being emotional, were the best at keeping things in check at the Rio de Janeiro Games, bringing in a huge haul of medals.
"This sport is not about not feeling emotions, it's about dealing with emotions," said Italy's Niccolo Campriani, the only shooter to capture two gold medals in Rio. "We have lot of emotion, we deal with things well, you have to be yourself and that's (who we are)."
Italy matched China for most shooting medals with seven, but had four golds to China's one.
The Italians swept the skeet events on golds by Gabriele Rossetti and Diana Bacosi, and Campriani earned gold in air rifle and 3-position rifle.
"I'm very emotional," said Campriani, who has three total gold medals. "If I see an emotional movie on an airplane, I just (tears). That is my strength. It's not about not feeling fear, it's about dealing with misses, accepting them, living with them and it's a lesson for your life."