Jay Shi was not did not feel extra pressure in his first Olympics. If anything, shooting at his first World Cup match three years ago was more nerve-wracking.

What got Shi at the Rio Olympics was the wind. The American pistol shooter is used to training indoors at a range in Phoenix and the blustery conditions in Rio threw him off.

"The wind factor really made me a bit jittery," Shi said. "The wind was blowing me around and I think that made me lose my confidence a little bit. I keep thinking, 'Is the wind coming, should I take a shot?' That played around with me a little bit."

Shi still had a solid showing in his first Olympics.

The shooter who suffered severe damage to his right eye as a child was 18th in 10-meter air pistol _ on a range out of the wind _ and 14th in 50-meter pistol despite fighting the breezes.

"The experience was great, but I just couldn't bring my games here," he said. "There's something to work on back home. There were too many factors to interrupt my process. At home, I've been trying to avoid those elements _ wind, pressure _ but it's one thing when you train with no pressuree and another when you're at a match and there is pressure. I have to figure out a way to simulate this."