Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould and defensive end Mitch Unrein wear Team Unrein shirts at the Bears' fan fest. Gould made the shirts to support Unrein's wife, Olympic shooter Corey Cogdell-Unrein. (Courtesy of Mitch Unrein)

Mitch Unrein orginally planned to invite the entire Chicago Bears team to watch his wife compete in the Rio Olympics.

Once it came time for Corey Cogdell-Unrein to shoot, he had a change of plans.

"I just had two of my buddies and we watched it together," said Unrein, a defensive end with the Bears. "As it got closer, I got too nervous and too worked up to have a huge crowd around."

Mitch had hoped to watch Corey compete in person, but was not able to leave Bears training camp for the trip to Brazil.

Instead, he watched Sunday's trap qualification and finals on his phone, not knowing that the competition was being televised.

Corey fought to be one of the top six shooters out of qualifying and had a pair of shoot-offs _ losing one that would have put her in the gold medal match _ before eventually earning her second bronze medal. Having to watch it unfold from a continent away was not easy for Mitch.

"It was definitely a nail-biter the entire day," he said. 

Since Mitch joined the Bears in 2015, Corey has gained an entire team of supporters who follow her every move in shooting. It ramped up once she made the U.S. Olympic Team and headed down to Rio.

Bears kicker Robbie Gould had shirts with Team Unrein and the Olympic rings made to support Corey and handed them out for the team to wear at its fan fest in Chicago on Saturday.

He also got the entire team to pose for a photo in the Team Unrein shirts:

And then Unrein was joined by his fellow defensive linemen for another photo:

The day of the trap finals, the Bears showed their support for Corey on social media, a boost that didn't go unnoticed.

"It means so much for the Bears to support me like they have and post something on social media," Corey said after earning bronze.

Once Corey earned the bronze, Mitch received about as many congratulations as Corey. 

"My phone and social media has been blowing up all day," he said."Most of my teammates were at home watching it and got a lot texts from guys. The support from the team has been unbelievable."