Balls danced in the gloaming sky at Copacabana Beach, a few hundred yards down from the Beach Volleyball Arena.

Brazil's men's beach volleyball team was playing for a spot in the Olympic finals, but players on the beach were more interested in knocking the balls around themselves.

Beach volleyball is woven into the fabric of Brazilian life and it's no more evident at Copacabana Beach, where the locals have taken over what was supposed to be a volleyball teaching area for tourists.

Hundreds of players, most of them local teens, have dotted the sand courts between Avenue Atlantica and the Atlantic Ocean every day of the Rio Games. They come in all shapes and sizes, but all know how to play, setting and spiking with perfect form over the lowered nets at Copacabana.

A handful of tourists occasionally get their chance to play, but Copacabana Beach was the place to play for the locals before the Olympics and the start of the Games has done nothing to change that.

This is their game and their home.