LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — The International Boxing Association commissioned an investigation into possible corruption and match-fixing at the 2016 Olympic tournament Monday, with just over a month before the next Olympics in Tokyo.

The AIBA has hired Richard McLaren, who detailed Russian doping and cover-ups before the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, to lead the investigation.

“Our team will conduct an independent investigation into the questions surrounding corruption or manipulation of sporting results during the Rio Olympic Games, identify the persons responsible and recommend the appropriate course of action,” McLaren said in a statement.

The 2016 Olympic tournament included several contentious decisions. Irish fighter Michael Conlan was fined after making an obscene gesture to the judges after losing a fight to Russian Vladimir Nikitin.

The IOC has previously barred the AIBA from organizing the Tokyo tournament and has ruled that none of the referees or judges from 2016 will be eligible to have any role.

McLaren's investigation will focus on refereeing and judging in 2016 before broadening its focus to possible past corruption involving top officials at the AIBA. The boxing body generally oversees amateur bouts but spent much of the last decade mired in financial problems amid opaque sponsorship deals and failed forays into the world of professional boxing and a World Series of Boxing team franchise event.


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