Keeping your balance in a canoe while kneeling on one leg and paddling at a furious pace can be a real circus act.

Just ask Isaquias Queiroz.

The Brazilian canoeist displayed some impressive acrobatic skills Wednesday as he crossed the finish line in a 200-meter sprint with one leg dangling outside the boat.

"It's very difficult to keep the balance, because you need to manage everything together: the strokes, the direction of the boat," he said. "Because of this you need many years of experience and training."

"When we start canoeing there is a lot of back pain because of the kneeling position," Queiroz said. "Your knee also hurts a lot, but when you get used to it you get the hang of it. You can even do situps in that position, or if needed put your feet out of the canoe."

Queiroz famously missed a gold medal in the 2014 world championships when he fell into the water in the 1,000-meter race just before the finish line. Somehow his canoe crossed the line but he did not. Watch him flip about 5 minutes into this clip.