United States' Lee Kiefer wears her gold medal during the medal ceremony for the women's foil individual fencing tournament at the Pan Am Games, Wednesday, July 22, 2015, in Toronto. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Lee Kiefer is one of the most talented young fencers in the world, having finished fifth at the London Olympics when she was just 18.

But Kiefer's loss in the round of 16 in Rio on Wednesday was likely her last Olympic bout.

Why? Because Kiefer, 22 and a student at Notre Dame, plans to put aside the piste for med school.

That's not surprising though, considering that medicine and fencing are family businesses for the Kiefers.

Her father Steven, a former captain at Duke, is a neurosurgeon. Her mother Teresa is a psychiatrist and her sister Alex, a former NCAA champion at Harvard, is currently in med school at Louisville.

Kiefer's little brother, Axel, was named the ACC men's foilist of the year as a freshman last year for the Fighting Irish. 

Kiefer's plan all along was to compete for a gold medal at the Olympics, return to Notre Dame for a shot at a fourth straight NCAA title and then give up the sport to focus on her studies. 

Plans can change, of course. But for now, Kiefer's 15-9 upset loss to China's Yongshi Liu will have to stand as her last Olympic appearance. 

"It's just frustrating because I'm only fencing (for) one more year and I just wanted to get a medal at these Games. I've just come so far in four years and then it's just frustrating to not compete your best," Kiefer said.