Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson has not been his normal sharp-shooting self in his first trip to the Olympics. 

Thompson has started both games for Team USA, but his shot has been off. He is 0-for-7 from behind the arc despite shooting 42.0 percent from long-range for the duration of his five-year NBA career _ and this is with a closer 3-point line for international play. Thompson has only hit one field goal from anywhere on the floor and coaches were seen encouraging him on the sidelines during a 113-69 win over Venezuela on Monday. 

The U.S. is shooting 38.7 percent from 3-point rane as a team.

Thompson is normally fairly reserved and he sat stoically on the bench late in the blowout as teammates jumped out of their seats and celebrated around him. He apparently isn't ready to talk about his shooting as he breezed past the media area postgame without stopping to talk to reporters. 

Some players in the past have struggled with the different ball used in international play. 

"It's real different, it's tough to get used to," USA forward Paul George said. "It's really slick and when it gets wet it's almost uncontrollable. It's an adjustment. We'll get used to it.

"You've just got to get comfortable with it. You've got to understand it's not the same ball we play with. You can't do the same moves necessarily. You've got to just keep it simple."