RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Michael Phelps was predictably excellent, and Usain Bolt was amazing as expected. Ryan Lochte found himself swimming in hot water, and Brazil won the one gold it had to win.

But just how well do you know the Rio Olympics? Here's a quiz to find out:


What did Ryan Lochte do after his taxi pulled into a Rio gas station?

A. Checked to see if he had enough money for a Slurpee.

B. Asked the attendant for a key to the restroom.

C. Arranged a prime time interview with NBC.


What was the best thing seen in the water at the Olympics?

A. Michael Phelps

B. Katie Ledecky

C. The pool cleaner


What did Britain's Justin Rose do when he won golf's first gold medal since 1904

A. Swatted away a mosquito.

B. Called Rory McIlroy to brag.

C. Asked when he would get the winner's check.


Why did the U.S. men's basketball team have so many problems putting teams away?

A. They had no LeBron or Kobe to lead them.

B. NBA players have never heard of the backdoor cut.

C. The gourmet restaurant on their luxury ship kept running out of their favorite caviar.


What was the biggest difference with Olympic boxers not wearing headgear?

A. There was more blood.

B. There were better fights.

C. Fans were finally able to see the looks of disgust on the faces on fighters when they were robbed by judges.


What did Simone Biles do that cost her a fifth gold medal in gymnastics?

A. Curled her little toe on landing.

B. Jumped so high the judges lost sight of her.

C. Forgot to remind judges that she had already been penciled in as the winner.


Why did Michael Phelps decide to retire after the Olympics?

A. He discovered he's allergic to green water.

B. He was worried about losing street cred because he always tested clean.

C. He couldn't stand listening to another Ryan Lochte story.


Why were the Olympics given to Rio over Chicago to begin with?

A. The city has a track record of delivering big projects on time.

B. Brazilian organizers insisted Zika mosquitoes were only found in Argentina.

C. Olympics didn't want to compete for attention with Cubs winning World Series


What was the best thing Vladimir Putin got from Rio?

A. A Russian team photo with all the track athletes.

B. A souvenir gold plated syringe.

C. A tweet from Irish boxer Michael Conlan asking how much he had to pay to give decision to Russian opponent.


Why didn't Brazil's interim president attend the closing ceremonies?

A. He didn't like being booed at the opening ceremonies.

B. He didn't want to fight Rio traffic.

C. He was too busy planning for the Paralympics.


Why did US swimmer Lilly King call out Russia's Yulia Efimova for putting up a No. 1 finger before their race?

A. She was tired of swimming against dopers.

B. Her parents had told her stories about the good old days of the Cold War.

C. She thought Efimova had raised a different finger.


Why didn't NBC show everything live from the Olympics?

A. The network needed more time to tell the back story of Russian synchronized swimming team.

B. Most people thought Ryan Lochte interviews would be best tape delayed.

C. Research showed not every American has heard of the internet.


What was the worst problem Olympic athletes faced in Brazil?

A. Plumbing that didn't work.

B. Dating apps sometimes took too long to load.

C. Too many gas station restrooms with locking doors.


Why were there so many empty seats in Rio?

A. Badminton hasn't really caught on in Brazil.

B. Most Brazilians remain permanently stuck in traffic.

C. The Irish IOC member who had most of the tickets was in jail.


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