AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

Boomer likes medals already.

So while making a FaceTime call to check in on his family at one point during the Rio Games. 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps noticed his son was crying.

That is, until Boomer saw the medal that was swaying in his father's hand. And the crying stopped right away.

"He's already eyeing them up," Phelps said.

Boomer is a long way from show-and-tell days, but when that time comes his father _ who is so protective of his 28 Olympic medals in all that he says only two or three people in the world know where they're stored _ sounds like he will grudgingly allow the boy to take one in to school.

"I'll probably give him one to take to show-and-tell," Phelps said. "I might have to go with him and take every step with him when he goes and shares it. I'll probably end up putting one on him while we're here before we leave."
But back to the medal collection: Where is it?
"I'll never tell," Phelps said.