No story about Shawn Crawford would be complete without this: 

But in truth, this is a story about Crawford's next chapter. He's a track coach now.

The 2004 Olympic gold medalist, who earned as much fame for lining up against a giraffe for a TV show, then a zebra (and demanding a rematch because of the zebra's false start), is retired and coaching a handful of atheltes, including sprinter Jeneba Tarmoh.
"I want to see people really make it and achieve their goals,'' Crawford said when asked about the lure of coaching.
For a time, he was as fast as they come. He won the Olympic gold medal in the 200 in 2004.
In 2008, he finished fourth but won the silver medal after the second- and third-place finishers were disqualified for stepping outside their lanes. But a year later, Crawford gave his medal back to the second-place finisher, Churandy Martina, saying that Martina's misstep didn't affect the race. "In my heart, I felt he deserved it,'' Crawford said at the time.
Now, he's trying to help other sprinters earn their medals the traditional way.
He's finding his first Olympic Trials as a coach to be more challenging than any he ran in.
"When I'm on the track running for myself, that's me,'' he said. "But here, you've got athletes who put their careers in your hands and all you can do is sit there and watch and just hope. I guess I'm more nervous now because I'm not out there in control. I'm a control freak.''