Viewers new to fencing might notice something unexpected when they tune in to the Rio Olympics this August.
Screaming is simply part of the sport.
It's not unusual for fencers to yell at the top of their lungs early and often while competing. Their screams are especially notable because they punctuate bursts of silence, as fans typically stay quite to help the athletes concentrate.
There are plenty of reasons why fencers are so vocal. Often it's a way of convincing referees they just scored a point, and that can go a long way in a sport where the difference between a point scored and a point lost can be less than three-tenths of a second.
Screams can also help break the tension in a sport that is so visceral and yet requires immense concentration.  
But like most athletes, fencers like to scream in celebration after winning a big match. Watch below as Russia's Yana Egorian and American Eli Dershwitz let loose following big wins at a Grand Prix in Seoul in March.