If you looked closely at Boris Berian in the heats for the 800 meters at the Olympic Trials, you would have noticed that his shoes (or spikes, if you’re getting specific) were two different colors.  

But the BRAND of the shoes is more significant if you know Berian’s recent history.

Nike has dropped a lawsuit against him over what brand of gear he wears. He recently inked a shoe deal with New Balance, his new gear arriving just before the Trials.

The 23-year-old used to flip burgers at a McDonald's in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to make ends meet while he trained. Now, he's a favorite to earn an Olympic spot for Rio.

He’ll find out if he’s going on Monday in Eugene in the 800-meter final. The top three finishers earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team. 

Here is Berian talking about those spikes: