Making quick-fix repairs to the pricy, pristine wooden track surface at the Olympic velodrome is no different than making a quick fix to everyday items around your house.

Slap a little duct tape on it.

A spectacular crash in the second heat of the women’s keirin Friday morning left a gouge about halfway up the track midway through the first and second corners. Ideally, officials would use filler and then sand it down, but that wasn’t possible with more races to run.

So, they used a ladder to reach up the extreme banking of the corner and ripped off a foot-long piece of gray duct tape. It should last until better repairs can take place between sessions.

AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin

'The crash occurred on the final lap of the keirin _ a mass sprinting event _ when French rider Virginie Cueff used her shoulder to push Dutch rider Laurine van Riessen onto the outer wall and nearly right into the stands along the backstretch.

That caused New Zealand’s Olivia Podmore and Tania Calvo Barbero of Spain to crash behind them, the Spanish rider hitting so forcefully that the visor of her helmet snapped off.

All the riders eventually walked off the track under their own power.