The Brazilians booed France's Renaud Lavillenie again Tuesday night.
Well, not every Brazilian.
At the medal ceremony for the pole vault, Brazilian gold medalist Thiago Braz da Silva actually tried to get the crowd to stop booing Lavillenie _ then, along with pole vault legend Sergei Bubka, met with his French rival afterward in an effort to console him.
The pole vault competition was Monday night, Braz rode the fervor of his home nation's crowd, and Lavillenie blasted the fans' behavior afterward. He said nothing like it had been seen since Jesse Owens was treated less than warmly at the 1936 Berlin Games _ a regrettable statement, one Lavillenie quickly apologized for making.
But the crowd didn't seem in a forgiving mood Tuesday night.
In a statement, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said it was "shocking behavior for the crowd to boo Renaud Lavillenie on the medal podium. Unacceptable at the Olympics."