Jenny Simpson, the bronze medalist in the women's 1,500-meter run for the U.S. at the Rio Games, was moved to tears Wednesday on what the accomplishment means.
She was beaming as she talked for well over a minute about how it's been great to have the support of her parents (who were in Rio for her medal run on Tuesday night) and her sister and brother (both of whom have newborns at home and didn't make the trip).
And then she got coached up a little bit.
USA Track and Field spokeswoman Jill Geer, who was sitting to Simpson's left during her news conference, leaned in and whispered what turned out to be a very important reminder about someone to add to the thank-you list.
"Oh, yes," Simpson whispered to Geer before turning back to the microphone. "And my husband is here."
That got a good laugh from everyone in the room.
For the record, Jenny Simpson had plenty of praise for her spouse.
"Jason Simpson is so incredible and so selfless and so wonderful," she said. "He and I in October will celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. He is my guardian and my gatekeeper. I absolutely could not do this without him. We are so much one that I nearly forgot to mention him separately."