AP Photo/Martin Meissner
Officially, the final heat of the Olympic 110-meter hurdles was called a re-run. Deuce Carter had another name for it _ Olympics life line.
Deuce: Certainly a fitting name after taking advantage of a second try in a rare re-do race.
The Jamaican and several other hurdlers were given a do-over after running in a downpour so intense they had squint to make it to the finish. Carter took advantage of a second trip down the track as he advanced to the semifinals.
"Still disappointed having to run two races to get into a semifinal," Carter said. "But not many people get this opportunity to be running again."
Indeed, they don't. In heat No. 2 of the evening, Carter & Co. faced an 11th obstacle _ the weather. Carter has rarely run in rain and it bothered him. So much so that he didn't advance.
He was upset. Then, he vented.
"They could've stopped it," Carter said at the time. "When I went out, the track was soaking."
He was putting on his warm-up clothes when his coach informed him that there would be a re-run for four athletes from heat one and four more from his heat that didn't qualify by place. Officials decided to run the extra race at the end of the night to ensure fairness, since the conditions for those two heats were drastically different.
Carter made the most of his second chance.
"I had to get re-warm," Carter explained. "Not just physically, had to get the mind ready as well. It's tough. But I'm into the semis."