The flame goes out to close this show
In which the bar was set real low,
With Zika and a toxic bay
That doubles as a vast bidet,
Recession pounding one and all,
A president against the wall,
Budget crises that go back years,
A crime wave mixed with terror fears.
So things were hardly in good shape,
But Rio makes a great escape.
Of course, the bay's still slop and swill,
But save one sailor, none took ill.
And what of Zika? Gone, a ghost.
These flies did not feed off the host.
Large blocs of tickets went unsold
And green pool water looked like mold.
Some venues sat in disrepair,
Stray bullets whizzed by here and there.
As these games dangled near the edge
Brazilians sambaed on the ledge.
It doesn't hurt to have Bolt fly
While Simone Biles goes bounding by
And Michael Phelps takes one last swim.
We sure won't see the likes of him.
Yes, much went right and much did not,
But Neymar made the winning shot.
And maybe that's all for the best
As Rio puts these games to rest.
It also can take heart this night:
Ryan Lochte's nowhere in sight.