Welcome to the Pac-12 Invitational, otherwise known as the Rio Games.

There are 243 athletes in the Rio Games from that conference, and 28 of them have combined to win 47 medals through midday Tuesday. The conference's total delegation _ athletes, coaches, officials and others involved with various teams _ is actually 274 people, with ties to 47 different nations.

Of those, 140 are either competing for or working with U.S. Olympians at these games, including swimming stars Katie Ledecky, Maya DiRado and Simone Manuel.

Another 24 are with Team Canada, 11 with the Australians and six with Hong Kong, Hungary and the host Brazilians.

And the Olympic ties don't stop there for the Pac-12.

There's someone from these Olympics with a pretty good pedigree on the medal front who is now going to be involved with the conference. U.S. swimming icon Michael Phelps, the 23-time gold medalist and 28-time medalist overall _ both records _ is planning to start coaching on a volunteer basis at Arizona State.