AP Photo/Martin Meissner
Debate time?
Michael Phelps is a 23-time gold medalist, 28-time medalist overall, the most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympics by a wide margin.
But on some occasions he did, you know, lose.
Usain Bolt never has lost an Olympic final. Not in 2008, not in 2012 and he's 2-for-2 so far in 2016.



Here's some numbers on Bolt: He's 22-0 in his last 22 races at 200 meters in world championships and Olympic competitions, and his winning margin of 0.24 seconds Thursday night was his largest in a worlds or Olympic final since 2011. Translation; The world isn't catching up.



So it perhaps begs for some discussion about who should hold the most-unofficial title of best Olympian right now.
Phelps' record in 30 Olympic finals: 23 golds, three silvers, two bronzes, one fourth and one fifth.
Bolt's record after cruising to the 200-meter gold at the Rio Games on Thursday night: eight finals, eight golds.
Much like the Jordan vs. LeBron debate that never ends, there's no right answer and no wrong answer. But it's a testament to how great Phelps and Bolt truly are that the argument might actually make sense.