Brittney Griner is certainly making the most of her first Olympics and the games haven't even started yet. The 6-foot-8 star of the U.S. women's basketball team told The Associated Press a story after practice Saturday about a brush with Micheal Phelps at the opening ceremony.


"When we were walking, I wasn't paying attention and we just got a photo with him which was amazing. He's a really cool guy," she said. "We started back walking and he stopped to take a photo with someone and I was looking to the right and I kept walking and ran into him. Right when I turned to see where he was going my lips went onto his hair."

And how did the hair of the most decorated Olympic athlete taste?
"He smells really nice. Very nice, really good hygene."
Tasting the GOAT's hair wasn't the only item Griner could cross off her bucket list so far. She got a chance to briefly ride on the back of a police motorscooter after practice. The U.S. team has a police escort to practice and games and after practice she took a quick spin on the cycle.

photo courtesy of USA Basketball for The Associated Press