They chalk their hands,

They stare at length,

They turn to prayer

To find the strength.


They eye the bar,

These feral brutes,

Muscles bulging

From skin-tight suits.


Massive shoulders,

A fearsome back _

They don't buy clothes

From off the rack.


They rant and rage,

They grunt and groan,

They snort and scream,

They bellow, moan.


Ungodly weight

They hoist somehow.

It might well be

A couch or cow.


Fibers quiver,

Their faces red,

This ghastly load

Goes overhead.


They hold the weight,

They hear a roar.

They let it drop

And smash the floor.


I watch these hulks

And I'm a mess

From witnessing

Extreme duress.


I'm tired, spent

And put upon.

A hernia

Is coming on.