Ryan Lochte is speaking out.

The swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist whose Rio Games will forever be remembered by his claim that he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint released a statement on social media Friday saying he should have been "more careful and candid" in his account of what happened.



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The drama surrounding the alleged robbery of American swimmers _ and their ever-changing descriptions of it _ has shocked and deeply angered Brazilians, who said it cast a false negative shadow on their city and their Olympics at a time the country is eager to prove it can host the games safely. The story has also dominated Olympic headlines and was an enormous embarrassment for the U.S. Olympic team, which has dominated in the medal count. 
Police say Lochte and three of his teammates were not been held at gunpoint after a night of partying, as Lochte claimed. Instead, Brazilian police said the men, while intoxicated, vandalized a gas station bathroom and were questioned by armed guards before they paid for the damage and left.