It happened again.

For the ninth time since 1995, in either world championships or Olympic competition, the U.S. men's 4x100-meter relay team had handoff trouble.

And it cost them bronze Friday night at the Rio Games.



The U.S. crossed the line third in the men's 4x1 final, posed for photos with the American flag and were in full celebration mode _ that is, until they were disqualified for problems with a handoff. The offense was that leadoff runner Mike Rodgers passed the baton to Justin Gatlin outside the exchange zone



Canada was promoted to the bronze, with cameras capturing some members of their team laughing when it seemed apparent that the Americans were unaware they were DQ'ed.

Looking befuddled, the U.S. team watched replays of the handoff that went bad in the mixed zone on NBC's monitors afterward _ with Tyson Gay taking the flag off his shoulders and crumpling it in his hands.